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What You Can Get Done in 6 Weeks

6 weeks

I arrived off the car ferry from Spain on 4 December with kind of a business plan in my head and not much else. Like everyone else I suffer from feelings of not being ‘enough’: good enough, profitable enough, not doing enough. But if there is anything that my time in Ibiza gave me, it is the ability to just start and get on with things, and trust that it will work out.

So I got on with putting my plan into action and ploughed on, slowly ticking things off the ever expanding to do list.

Then I went for coffee with my friend Emma and was updating her on what I’d been doing and she looked at me and said “Wow — you’ve done so much!”

And I had to re-think the past 6 weeks and see it through her eyes and realise that yes, you can get a lot done even if it doesn’t seem like it.

So as an encouragement to all of those out there who think that you can’t do anything in a short period of time, here is what I’ve managed to do:

  1. Set up an income stream by teaching yoga at a gym — a new gym was opening in town, so I walked into their sales office, introduced myself and now I teach 2 fully booked classes a week (with more to come). The money isn’t great, but all I have to do is turn up and teach. It’s an easy revenue stream.
  2. Set up my own classes — these launch tonight so we’ll see if I make money! But I got a venue, sorted advertising on social media and in physical posters and print. Got in the local paper. Bought mats and blocks and kit. Got people interested. It’s a lot of work, but any money made is all mine. Fingers crossed!
  3. Met a workplace wellbeing company who are interested in my mindfulness courses for organisations. I’m currently working on a course outline for them to discuss with media clients. We’re also looking for organisations who would like to trial the course.
  4. I’m in discussions with a local mental health charity to teach mindfulness to their members. This would be on a voluntary basis, but maybe leading to paid clients. More importantly, this is allowing me teaching practice and with a vulnerable group, improving my skills and broadening my experience.
  5. Completed job admin such as finding a co working space, setting up a Facebook page ( — and getting over 100 likes and not all from my friends!), updating my other social media, and organising meetings with old contacts about teaching mindfulness courses. Still to do is update my website (, but I’ve realised marketing is one of my weak spots, so I’ve also got a friend to help me. I’ve also found a new flat to live in.

All of this has been done plus spending quite a lot of time with Christmas, family, friends, a car accident and having to buy a new car, a part time job, very real fear and anxiety — and general UK winter and mince pie induced lethargy.

These are all small but intentional and helpful steps to starting my business here. A lot can be done in 6 weeks. You just have to start. Good luck!