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Angus Ford Robertson on Wellness

Angus Ford Robertson was my first and probably most influential teacher to date. From yoga, to retreats, to meditation, to personal therapy, Angus was integral to my personal journey and how I changed my life from unhappy banker to much more fulfilled yoga and mindfulness teacher.One of his top tips for personal wellness in this article is to be prepared to give things up on your journey to inner peace. I have let go and given up so much on my journey to where I am today. Things and people that I used to think I couldn't live without - only to find that they were easier to say goodbye to than I thought.Excerpt is below  - full article is at:

Wellness Guru, Angus Ford-Robertson. Founder of Battersea Yoga

January 2, 2017

Darryl Gibney

There are a few visionaries in the world of Yoga that i just love to hear more from, and this weeks Wellness Guru is just such a person. Angus Ford-Robertson founded and still owns one of London's most renowned Yoga Studios, Battersea Yoga. But owning and running a thriving business isn't all Angus does - he's also a therapist, a qualified Mindfulness Coach and has trained with masters like Eckhart Tolle to name just one of many.

I asked Angus to share his tips for wellness and mindfulness as we enter a New Year. Here he shares his secrets .....

1. Tell us about yourself Angus, and how you got to be where you are today?

My journey to being a yoga teacher and therapist was complicated!

Intending to take up a place at Med School, I ended up getting a degree in Law and Economics. I then left University intent on pursuing a career in music. Penniless and disenfranchised, I landed a job at Loaded men’s magazine – which paradoxically lead to living the life of a third-rate rock star, without actually having to perform.By 29, I was over lad culture. Burnt out and miserable, I left my career, my home and my relationship for a fresh start… with absolutely no plan.

Around that time, I came into contact with my two primary teachers; Eckhart Tolle and Ajahn Sumedho – and my life was never the same again. I began teaching yoga and meditation in UK prisons in 1999 – and now, 17 years later I find myself the owner of one of London’s most beautiful yoga studios, Battersea Yoga – with thousands of students attending each month.

2. Tell us how you spend your average working day

Every day is different – as the studio is constantly growing. My life is an ever-changing mix of classes, workshops, retreats, seeing private therapy clients and yoga holidays – plus, of course, attending to all the responsibilities of running a busy studio. Breakfast tends to be granola and fruit juice – usually followed by a cheeky mid-morning coffee in my favourite café Il Molino. Lunch is mostly a salad and dinner is chicken or fish with some veggies – yum.

Weekends are when I get more adventurous with food…  Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese foods are essential to my wellbeing!

3. What inspires you?

  • People with vision and a sense of their higher purpose

  • Ancient spiritual wisdom from East and West

  • Contemporary Masters of Presence and Consciousness

  • People with a twinkle in their eye – who know the joy of mischief when they see it

  • A great ‘box set’

4. What’s your goal in life?

Three things:

  • To reach my highest potential

  • To share myself with others

  • To leave Planet Earth a tiny bit better than I found it

5. What does Wellness mean to you?

Good question… hmm, well it starts with consciousness; regrettably we are educated to believe that making external changes is what will make us happy – but that’s not my experience. All change starts within. To me, ‘wellness’ is a journey of evolving consciousness within each individual – as we become more awake, more aware, we see more and make better choices; and we start to feel joyful and alive! That’s wellness.

6. What advice would you give to a person looking to take up Yoga?

Go for it! If it’s the right time for you, it will make sense – and you will reap untold benefits. Yoga is something we are drawn to when the time is right. It mostly finds us, rather than the other way around.

7. Tell us about your business Battersea Yoga

It’s a growing family – a community of like-minded souls who come together to explore consciousness. We practice yoga, go on retreats together, meditate together – then we go out socially and have fun. Battersea Yoga is designed to be the antidote the isolating, and sometime lonely experience that big city life can be.

8. Tell us your Top 3 Tips for Wellness?

  • Be prepared to give stuff up on your journey to inner peace

  • Eat a little, move a lot and sleep enough – every day

  • Remember to laugh

9. So what’s next in your career/life?

If I knew that it wouldn’t be an adventure now, would it!