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(Belated) June Newsletter

Welcome to a rather late June newsletter!
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Hi thereWelcome to a rather belated June newsletter (well, more like July...). Not quite sure where summer is, and I would love to offer an outdoor class like the one above!It's been a busy month, but here is all the latest news....Mindful Yoga Workshop: next Mindful Yoga workshop is 24th July in central Tunbridge WellsTwo NEW classes in Tunbridge Wells; Mondays at Present Health and Thursdays at Pure GymFREE guided meditation: interested in exploring mindful meditation? I'm giving away a free guided exercise which is a great tool for increasing awareness and relaxationCoaching slots are still available for those wanting to explore mindfulness in everyday lifeThere are two articles this month: one on practicing gratitude whilst living with depression, and another on how it's going working for myself after 14 years in corporate lifeLooking forward to seeing you on the matLucy xx
Mindful Yoga Workshop

In this session we will be exploring how to apply some core mindfulness practices to our yoga, through focusing the attention, increasing awareness and allowing different sensations to be present.The session will include mindfulness meditations and a gentle yoga session suitable for all. You will come away feeling more energised and relaxed with some techniques you can use at home and work.This workshop will be based at Present Health Studios, a lovely location right in the heart of Tunbridge WellsLocation: Present Health Studios. ALL bookings to made herePrice: £25

Two NEW Classes in central Tunbridge Wells

I'm excited to announce two new classes in Tunbridge Wells from July:-From THURSDAY 7th July: 7.30-8.30 AM @ Pure Gym £5 per person (Pure Gym members. Non members can also buy a day pass for £7.99 plus the class fee. Message me for details)Yes, I know it's the MORNING, but this will be a gentle wake up class designed to get the body moving after sleep. You will float into work or onto the rest of your day feeling fantastic! :-)From MONDAY 11th July: 5.30-6.30 PM @ Present Health (Hot hatha class)This is a gentle class in a heated studio. Suitable for all. If you are concerned about the heat please let me know and we can discuss if this is right for you. All bookings via Present Health, there are a variety of different payment options including a great introductory offer. One class price is £14

FREE Guided Meditation
I've been studying and practicing meditation for seven years and it has been truly transformative in my life. I'm pleased to share my version of this popular Body Scan mindfulness meditation with you. The exercise is designed to focus our attention on a particular part of the body, gathering our awareness inwards and calming the scattered mind. It strengthens the neural pathways between the body and the mind, bringing a strong connection to our physical selves, and taking us away from unhelpful thoughts. This is usually the first or second exercise we practice in a group mindfulness course so is suitable for beginners.Whilst it is tempting to do this lying down, please try to do sitting up - even if it is propped up on your pillows in bed. Meditation is not sleeping! I would encourage you to find time to do this everyday if you can, but even once a week can bring about deep relaxation and calm. Please let me know any thoughts or feedback!I will be launching a 6 week group Mindfulness course in the autumn so if you wish to register your interest now please do so. There will be discounts for early booking when the course in launched. Mindfulness has been shown to help alleviate problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. In some areas, it is even prescribed on the NHS!Here is the meditation. Enjoy!
Full Class ListingMONDAYS:Daytime: coaching sessions, corporate and private yoga slots available5.30 - 6.30 PM: Hot hatha @ Present Health, TW (from 11th July)7.35 - 8.35 PM: @ Nuffield Health, TWTUESDAYS:12.30 - 1.30 PM @ Pure Gym, TW8.00 - 9.00 PM @ Pure Gym, TW(Non members: day passes are available for £7.99)THURSDAYS:7.30 - 8.30 AM @ Pure Gym TW - £5  (Non members: day passes are available for £7.99 plus class fee)7.00 - 8.15 PM @ Pembury Rec Clubhouse, Lower Green Rd, Pembury (£12 drop in / £50 for 5 classes)FRIDAYS:Daytime: coaching sessions, corporate and private yoga slots availablePlease note: I am away from 2nd - 18th August inclusive. There will be no Pembury or Pure Gym classes during this time, and another teacher will cover at Nuffield and Present