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Changes to Pembury Yoga Class Time

What is changing?
The two current classes at 6.30pm and 8pm are changing to ONE CLASS at 7.30pm
Why is this happening?
At the moment, numbers are not sufficient to support two separate classes. The initial rush of people in January and February has not been sustained and it no longer makes financial sense to run two classes.
I know this will not work for everyone, and might be disruptive to some people's schedules, and I apologise for this. However, I am financially unable to offer 2 classes at this time.
When is the new class time?
Class is 7.30 - 8.45pm every Thursday
7.30pm has been chosen as it gives more time for people to get home first, and it appeared the more popular time when students were asked.
What is the maximum number of people?
Capacity is set at 14 people
When does it start from?
From next week, Thursday 3rd May
How busy will it be?
The average number of people who have been attending over the past 4 months is 14. There have been a couple of weeks in Jan/Feb when we were at 18 + people, but this has tailed off. During the summer, numbers will decrease due to holidays. Some weeks might be busier than others.  There are many people who attend every other week, or occasionally, so overall everyone should be able to get a spot when they want it.
How can I ensure I get a place?
There are a number of things you can do:
1) Buy a class pass and book in every session you want to attend at time of purchase. If you need to cancel you can, but please note the cancellation policy! (see below)
2) If you have a class pass, you can also book in future classes now rather than wait til each week.  If you need to cancel you can, but please note the cancellation policy! (see below)
3) If you prefer to buy single classes, do so as far in advance as you can
4) If the class shows as full, JOIN THE WAITING LIST! It doesn't cost anything to join, and you will be notified in strict priority order if a spot comes up. Cancellations are done at least 3 hours in advance so you have enough time to accept or decline the place.
5) Last minute yoga desperation?? Text me and see if there is room / no shows / last minute cancellations! 07796697574
What if I need to cancel my booking?
The cancellation window is 3 hours before the class starts, which compared to other teachers and studios is ridiculously generous (most are 24 hours!).
If you want to change your booking you can do so yourself (or ask me to do it!) for no charge up to 3 hours before the class.
After this period, you will forfeit the class - UNLESS there is someone on the waitlist who can take your place. In which case your booking will be moved to another date
No shows will receive no refund
What if I am already booked in to future classes?
I will move all your bookings to the new class date, so nothing to do.
What if this really doesn't work for me?
1) You can use your pass at classes on Wednesdays at 5.30pm Monson Road, or Saturdays 9.30am at The Yoga House on Warwick Park. A new Yin class will also be starting soon
2) Keep the credit to use against any future workshops, retreats or courses
3) I will refund any unused portion of your pass
Will there ever be 2 classes again?
Maybe. I would need to see waiting lists of 4-5 people on a consistent weekly basis, plus email requests and complaints about not getting a spot (!) before going back to 2 classes.
Any other questions or concerns?
Please contact me!