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Photo 20-02-2017, 10 31 16CourageFrom the Latin word meaning 'heart'What does it mean to do something with your whole heart, courageously? Usually we think this means we are not afraid, but actually courage is acting even if we feel fear. To do what is possible in the face of fear.

How is this possible? To be truly courageous requires us to feel supported. It might mean using our yoga knowledge and practice when attempting a new pose, or relying on the support of family and friends when making a transition to a new job or lifestyle.Courage also means understanding what is actually possible for us at any given point. Fear is often telling us an important message. How to differentiate between taking care of yourself and overcoming resistance or fear? By coming back to the moment, we see can see what is possible for us, and by listening to our hearts we can understand what we truly want. Courage doesn't mean doing something to be accepted, or in order to not look scared. Your job is to notice what requires real commitment and courage.