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Photo 13-03-2017, 10 39 22How does yoga help us become more curious about who we are?We start by becoming more aware of our bodies. How they feel, how they move, how they respond. This awareness is very different to the kind of domination with which most of us treat our bodies: forcing it to sit for long periods, or feeding it the wrong food, or making it perform movements and lift weights it doesn't really want to.As we build our bodily awareness, we start to notice how we feel emotionally and energetically. We may start to make better choices both in our practice and in life: maybe to choose childs pose rather than another plank. We become aware of the life force in every cell of our body, which means we're alive, vibrating with prana and energy.

We notice how we breathe, and how our breath connects to our movement, energy and wellbeing. How we can use our breath to feel more balanced, more energised, more quiet. How the breath connects the body and the mind.And all of this is an ever evolving journey, constantly changing, responding to our environment. The human body/mind is so endlessly fascinating, even before we get on to philosophical questions about why we are here.How can you NOT be curious?