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Dealing with Anxious Thoughts

We all have an inbuilt Negativity Bias, which means we are more likely to notice negative things over the good. For some people, this is very strong, and for others less so.As someone who suffers from depression, my Negativity Bias is often ruling my life. I notice bad things, I have lots of Negative Automatic Thoughts, contributing to low mood - and then the cycle repeats itself.In mindfulness, we don't learn to 'think positively' or 'empty the mind of thoughts'. Instead we practice developing a new relationship with our thinking, so that we are less reactive and have a softer attitude to whatever thoughts come up. In this practice, we start to become better at noticing good things as well as negative, and to understand that often both exist side by side in every moment.

This is a great video showing how we can work with negative or anxious thoughts