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Desire and Fulfillment

Photo 05-05-2017, 11 17 18 (1)I've been reading Rod Stryker's "The Four Desires" recently: about what ancient yogic texts teach us about desire, intention and fulfillment.We are all used to one kind of fulfillment, that of satisfaction of attainment, goal completion, achievement. Especially when we've desired it for a long time. As Stryker says, "the pull to find happiness through this kind of fulfillment is a powerful and commanding force". Our lives as humans are entirely influenced by it. Even our yoga practice, if we're really honest, often is more about fulfilling a need to de-stress, relax or help our sore backs.

This longing to achieve will be with us from our first breath to our last, and it never leaves. No matter how much we attain, complete, succeed, the desire to do more, have more continues. Recently, I have noticed how externally focused I've become: on my appearance and activities - and how it seems you can never get enough. More clothes, more fun, more socialising, more work, more money. It's exhausting and depleting.But there is another kind of fulfillment that is necessary to understand if we are ever going to find lasting happiness. And the best thing about it, is that it already exists, and we already have it. It's not dependent on any person, or thing, or activity or status or circumstances.It comes from you. It IS you."It is not inaccessible nor is it in distant places: it is what in oneself appears to be the experience of bliss, and is therefore realised in oneself" Yoga VasisthaThis kind of fulfillment is hidden by our world of things and experiences. It is permanently available - the trick is to learn to be quiet enough to access it. As Stryker says "only when you have found a way to still the endless pursuit of the first kind of fulfillment, can and will you be able to access the second"