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Don't Worry, Be Happy

"Don't worry, be happy"I dislike and disagree with this phrase really rather a lot. Why? Worries are always there; there is always some situation or person in life that brings up anxieties and worries. To have worries is to be normal. You cannot make them go away.Likewise, you cannot control your thoughts, and our worries are thoughts. Just as you cannot control the situations around you, you cannot control your thoughts. Plus our brains are hardwired to notice negative things. It's what has kept us alive as a species. If something sucks, and you're having negative thoughts about it, trying desperately to have positive ones instead, or beating yourself up about it just makes it all the more painful.

So what can you do? This is a great article on treating yourself and your worries with kindness, and learning to allow them to be there. When we soften into situations and our responses, it can make all the difference not only to how we perceive them, but also how we might choose to act.