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Honour yourself with silence

How comfortable are you with silence? Do you find you always need background noise? TV or music on, even if you're not actually watching or really listening?Background noise and the inability to deal with silence is an important indicator that we are not comfortable. We use these things as a distraction, to keep what we're really thinking and feeling squashed down inside. If we're not used to silence, it can seem very scary and a bit overwhelming. But being better able to tolerate even short periods of silence is crucial is building self awareness and paying attention to what is going on for us.

Perhaps start by having 10 minutes of silence when you get in from work, rather than rushing to switch on the TV or radio. Or you could try and focus on a job such as ironing or folding laundry in a mindful way, without using music or the TV as a distraction.The constant background noise means that our brains are constantly stimulated and we never get a chance to fully rest. Increasingly, science is showing that silence is critical for developing new brain function, as this article showsTurn it off. Even for just 10 minutes.