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Workshop - How to be Kind to Yourself

Whether we're aware of it or not, many of us labour under a story of perfection. Juggling many plates, being a great colleague, wonderful parent, a caring friend, exciting lover.... but the person at the bottom of our To Do List is usually ourselves.But did you know many of the ancient traditions, as well as modern research indicates that the ability to show compassion towards ourselves is not only allowed but is also encouraged! In fact, without it, we can't actually do half of the things we're expected to. A motor doesn't run on an empty fuel tank.This workshop will be looking at how we can be more compassionate and kinder to ourselves, and how we could start to treat ourselves as we would a good friend.In the first half, we'll be looking at self compassion using researcher Kristen Neff's definition of mindfulness, common humanity and kindness.In the second half, we'll be looking at practical ways to show compassion to ourselves, in particular developing suitable boundaries for ourselves, and learning how to say, what Eckhart Tolle calls, "A High Quality No"!The workshop will comprise group discussion, meditation and self inquiry. No experience is necessary in meditation or mindfulnessLocation: Flow Tunbridge Wells, Woodbury Park RoadDate & Time: Saturday 28th April 2-4.30pmBook here £30 (or £25 if you buy a pass for 5 workshops at Flow, see their website for info)