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Introduction to Mindfulness with SHFT

SHFT_large_logoFrom 17th June I will be hosting an online Introduction to Mindfulness course via SHFT at The Angry Therapist (a US based coaching platform and community).This 3 week course will cover key mindfulness techniques to better manage stress and life in general; how to use the breath and body awareness to increase your sense of calm and equanimity; and improved management of stressful situations.This is great those who are interested in developing self-awareness: of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and how you respond to certain situations. The techniques learned can help with stress management, resilience and improving quality of life. The exercises can make you feel relaxed with an improved sense of calm, but the intention behind mindfulness is greater awareness, which is not always comfortable. This tribe will encourage self-examination and reflection, a move away from ego and the pseudo self, towards discovering the solid.The first three weeks will be followed by other courses later in the year. Booking and payment is via SHFT but please register your interest with me and I will send you the booking details. The cost is $34.00 (about £24.00)