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It is so rarely about you

You're walking through town and see a good friend across the street. You wave and call out. They walk on past, not making eye contact.What do you think?"How rude!!" "I've made an idiot of myself shouting and waving?" "They hate me! I must have done something"

It is very easy to see other people's behaviour and words as reflective of you; especially in our incredible self centred society.But the truth is - it is RARELY about you!It is almost always about the person who spoke or behaved in a certain way; about their mindset or mood at that time; where they are in their lives; and most importantly, what story they're telling themselves about the situation.We are SO quick to take offence these days, when the truth is, that real freedom comes from understanding that things are not always about you. When you understand this, and can see what might be going on for someone else, and from this compassion can start to develop.Next time, maybe your response could be:"I wonder what's going on for them? Perhaps they're busy or stressed? Maybe I'll check in with them later and see what's going on"