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Photo 27-02-2017, 10 23 09With a new moon in Pisces encouraging us to shed our fears and follow our dreams, this week we'll be exploring our limits. Using our work on courage, we'll be building strength, opening our bodies and seeing what's possible. Expect a strong, energetic class with flowing sequences and the usual long holds. We'll always start with the basics and go from there so all levels welcome.If courage requires us to feel the fear but do it anyway, then how do we actually overcome that fear? It might be the fear of going after something we really want: asking someone out, applying for that job, investing in a business, trying for a baby. It might be the fear of letting go: what will happen if that person, those feelings, my job, my house, my whatever, aren't there anymore? Will I be able to cope with getting what I want? Will I be able to cope with not getting it? Will I be able to handle not having all that 'stuff' with me?

At the heart of courage and overcoming hear are three key things: awareness, vulnerability and commitment. When we become aware of our desires we can set the intention to try new things and be open to new experiences. With awareness we acknowledge our fear and can see what is possible for us in that moment. Vulnerability requires us to open our hearts and accept that the outcome might not be what we expect or want; and that we can use our support systems to help us manage that vulnerability. Finally, commitment is needed to stay the course. Whether it is practising yoga poses, or preparing for a presentation, having a family, or jumping from a cliff into the sea, there is a moment where all the preparation and problem solving and thinking just ends, and you reach the point of no return - and have to go forward.