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March 2019 Newsletter

March Newsletter

I always feel as though I am waking up from a long slumber at this time of year. A bit drowsy and fuggy headed, but knowing that more is yet to come. It is good that I'm feeling more awake as I have a lot on! Not only with the 8 Week Mindfulness course starting end of April and another Day Retreat in June, but also with own studying and development.

I am taking an online History of Yoga course with Yogacampus and this has proved interesting in showing how yoga developed, changed and aggregated over hundreds and thousands of years. There is a tendency in yoga for teachers and students to be very rigid about what yoga is, and what makes a yoga pose; whereas actually history shows us a wide range of practices and traditions and philosophies. Underneath it all is still the same goal of yoga: liberation. Freedom from our stories and conditioning, freedom to fulfill our potential and freedom to integrate and connect to ourselves and others

.I also start my advanced teacher training in August with Brahmani Yoga and we have been given a considerable amount of homework to be completed before we meet in the summer. Fortunately, it's all really interesting! From watching 'The Story of India' with Michael Woods on DVD; to reading 'The Great Work of Your Life' by Stephen Cope (one of my favourite yoga writers and thinkers) and 'The Yoga Body' by Mark Singleton; to watching dissection videos for anatomy!

As you may or may not have realised, I tend to teach in 4-6 week blocks with a theme that runs through that block, and with a similar sequence, adding and taking away and building on as we go. We're going to start the next 6 week block which is going to include a lot more mindfulness and some interesting moves like tigers and gorillas! Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Summer Day Retreat - Sunday 9th June

We're heading back to Swallows Oast in Ticehurst on 9th June for another day retreat. This time we'll be looking specifically at 

Living Our Yoga

: how we can bring our yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice off the mat and into everyday life. Expect dynamic and yin yoga, breathwork, meditation, discussion and self inquiry. Plus a delicious vegetarian lunch, tea, coffee and cake.

An EARLY BIRD offer is available until mid April giving £5 off the usual price of £85.To book please 

click here


let me know any questions

. The day is suitable for all levels of practitioners.Sunday 9th June0930 - 1700Swallows Oast, Ticehurst, Sussex

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8 Week Mindfulness Course

I'm running an Introduction to Mindfulness course starting 29th April over 8 weeks (not including the bank holidays). This course will provide you with the core mindfulness practices and some of the main theory behind how it works. Join me at Flow Tunbridge Wells. More details here

Next Yin & Yoga Nidra

The next Weekend Wind Down session of yin and yoga nidra will be on Saturday 6th April 4-6pm. From May through September we will move to Sunday mornings to accommodate the warmer (hopefully!) weather.Keep Reading

The Elephant in the Room: Yoga and Money

Modern yoga is overwhelmingly white, middle class and female. Much of this is to do with money. Being British I know we don't like to talk about money, but really it's about time we did. Read the rest of the article here