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May Newsletter

Hi thereWelcome to May’s newsletter! I’m excited to launch a couple of new initiatives this month, as well as summer workshops and a new classCoaching: If you’re interested in exploring how to apply key yoga and mindfulness concepts to daily life, then the 6 week Yoga and Mind course is for you.Mindfulness: Working with The Angry Therapist’s SHFT platform in Los Angeles, USA, I’ll be hosting an online 3 week Introduction to Mindfulness course starting 17 JuneTwo workshops for this summer: Yoga Basics for Beginners on 19th June and Mindful Yoga on 24th July.Article: Power and Responsibility - We all have a limited amount of personal power. There is an ephemeral power that we all hold, the power to live our own lives, to love ourselves, to determine our own path. You can generate more power, you can give it away, you can lose it and find it again. It’s not constant, but it’s always there. And many of us are completely unaware of just how much power we actually have in our own lives – and how much we regularly give away Read more here: I’m currently teaching a bi weekly yoga class at YoYo Design’s office in Tunbridge Wells, which has been arranged by the company for their staff. If you’re interested in bringing yoga to your office, get in touch!I’ve also started teaching a new class at Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells on Monday nights, 7.35pm.If you would like a private class for you or a small group of friends, these are available by appointment.

See you on a mat soon!Lucy x

Do you want to change something in your life?
I'm pleased to launch a new coaching programme this month. This six week programme is for those who want to change something in their lives, even if you don’t know what it is. Maybe you’re feeling like something isn’t right, or isn’t working for you anymore, and you’d like to explore other options. It doesn’t have to be a big change, like a career shift, it could just be learning to give more to yourself, or establishing a meditation practice, or learning techniques to feel less stressed.Yoga and Mind is a 6 week coaching programme that covers:
  • Improving your sense of calm and inner peace through meditation  and other techniques
  • Increasing your self-awareness through mindfulness and other techniques
  • Investigating your sources of power
  • Looking at how to use energy and boundaries to assist you in everyday life
  • Developing greater understanding about who you are, versus your beliefs, thoughts and stories
  • Building on your acceptance of what is, increasing resilience and reducing stress
"Lucy has taught me how to say no! She has shown me me techniques to take control of my own decisions, instead of being dictated to.  By enabling me to take out negatives, she has shown me a more positive approach. A great foundation to build on. Thank you Lucy." 
If you are not ready to commit to a particular course, or have specific topics you would like to discuss on a one-off or ongoing basis, individual coaching sessions are also available.For more information and prices please contact me
Introduction to Mindfulness with SHFTFrom 17th June I will be hosting an online Introduction to Mindfulness course via SHFT at The Angry Therapist (a US based coaching platform and community).This 3 week course will cover key mindfulness techniques to better manage stress and life in general; how to use the breath and body awareness to increase your sense of calm and equanimity; and improved management of stressful situations.This is great those who are interested in developing self-awareness: of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and how you respond to certain situations. The techniques learned can help with stress management, resilience and improving quality of life. The exercises can make you feel relaxed with an improved sense of calm, but the intention behind mindfulness is greater awareness, which is not always comfortable. This tribe will encourage self-examination and reflection, a move away from ego and the pseudo self, towards discovering the solid.The first three weeks will be followed by other courses later in the year. Booking and payment is via SHFT but please register your interest with me and I will send you the booking details. The cost is $34.00 (about £24.00)
Workshop: Yoga Basics for BeginnersIf you are new to yoga, or find you don’t have enough time to absorb all the cues and instructions in a regular class, or would like to move into a more dynamic class but are worried about not knowing enough about alignment – then this workshop is for you. After a gentle warm up, we’ll be breaking down some key poses such as Downward Facing Dog, the Warriors, Plank and some sitting poses – plus the main sun salutation sequence. We will work in pairs or groups to review our alignment As usual, the class will finish with a lovely meditation and relaxation.£25 per personPresent Health, Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells
Workshop: Mindful YogaI’m excited to be running my Mindful Yoga workshop again in July – for those who want a repeat or who missed itlast time. In this session we will beexploring mindfulness meditation techniques, improving awareness, deepening our yoga practice, and looking at how to use the breath more effectively in our practice and in life.You will come away feeling more energised and relaxed, and with some techniques you can use at home and work.£25 per person (All bookings are via Present Health website)Present Health, Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells.
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