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Mindful Communication Workshop: 14 October

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I spent over 15 years managing global projects in insurance, consulting and investment banking, before retraining in yoga and mindfulness. I hope to bring my extensive corporate communications background plus mindfulness teaching together in a way that brings Mindful Communications alive for everyday use.
In this workshop we'll be looking at how to take mindfulness off the meditation cushion and into the way we communicate. We'll be applying some of the theory and practice of mindfulness using the Non Violent Communication approach designed by Marshall C Rosenberg. The theories and practices we'll be covering can be applied to personal relationships, family, friends and in professional environments. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of mindfulness, NVC or meditation, and all materials and guidance will be given in the workshop.
We'll be covering the following aspects of Mindful Communication:
  • Developing awareness of thoughts and emotions
  • Staying present in difficult conversations
  • How to actively listen
  • How to phrase requests and explain our needs
  • How to identify and remove judgement from our conversations
  • Identifying what it is that we really want from a conversation
  • Responding in our communications not reacting
  • Noticing our unhelpful conversational patterns - blaming, avoiding, not listening
  • Using conversation to establish suitable boundaries
  • Reviewing channels of communication
The workshop will cover some theory, meditation and mindfulness techniques, interactive discussion, self inquiry and practice including some role play.
Date: Saturday 14th October
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm
Location: Flow Tunbridge Wells, 29 Woodbury Park Road, TN4 9NQ
Questions? Please contact me! or 07796 697 574