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Mindfulness and Depression

photo-20-10-2016-14-34-30I get reasonably regular depressive episodes, and I have one now.Mindfulness helps me through a practice of being with this unpleasant experience, softening towards it, and noticing any tendency in me to want to 'fix' it or make it go away. I've noticed that when I stop my resistance to the depression, and soften towards it, as well as taking care of myself by eating well, and resting, then it gradually starts to lift. If I try to fight it, then it pushes back and takes longer to clear.

I have been practicing for a long time and my initial autopilot reaction is still to fight back and make the unpleasant depression go away. Much practice has shown me how to make peace with it, whilst at the same time finding glimmers of pleasant experiences among the darkness. The ability to see the good as well as the bad, even if those moments are fleeting, is important in building resilience to my depressive episodes.Mindfulness can help depression but you should also consider talking therapy such as CBT and any medication if needed.If you would like to discuss mindfulness and depression further please contact me via private message