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NEW: 6 Week Yoga and Mind Coaching Course

boatsunDo you want to change something in your life?

I'm pleased to launch a new coaching programme this month. This six week programme is for those who want to change something in their lives, even if you don’t know what it is. Maybe you’re feeling like something isn’t right, or isn’t working for you anymore, and you’d like to explore other options. It doesn’t have to be a big change, like a career shift, it could just be learning to give more to yourself, or establishing a meditation practice, or learning techniques to feel less stressed.Yoga and Mind is a 6 week coaching programme that covers:
  • Improving your sense of calm and inner peace through meditation  and other techniques
  • Increasing your self-awareness through mindfulness and other techniques
  • Investigating your sources of power
  • Looking at how to use energy and boundaries to assist you in everyday life
  • Developing greater understanding about who you are, versus your beliefs, thoughts and stories
  • Building on your acceptance of what is, increasing resilience and reducing stress
"Lucy has taught me how to say no! She has shown me me techniques to take control of my own decisions, instead of being dictated to.  By enabling me to take out negatives, she has shown me a more positive approach. A great foundation to build on. Thank you Lucy." 
If you are not ready to commit to a particular course, or have specific topics you would like to discuss on a one-off or ongoing basis, individual coaching sessions are also available.For more information and prices please contact me directly