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NEW: 8 Week Mindfulness Course

studio1_optI'm very pleased to announce that I am partnering with Flow Tunbridge Wells this autumn to hold an 8 week mindfulness course. The course will be held every Monday 1230-1400 from 10 October until 5 December, with a break at half term.

Mindfulness is a proven technique to help increase self-awareness, manage stress and improve wellbeing. It does this by bringing us into the present moment of our felt experience, using the breath and body to explore what is actually going on for us right now. In this way, we are better able to practice turning towards our experiences and ourselves with kindness and curiosity. We can then consider the kinds of actions and steps we can take, if any, that will help with the situations we find ourselves in.In this 8 week course, we will learn the core mindfulness meditation practices, as well as practice inquiry into our experiences. There will also be some teaching around the theory and neuroscience behind how mindfulness is believed to work. Each session will comprise two meditation practices, inquiry and discussion. Home practice is a key component of mindfulness, and students will be provided with guided meditations to use at home. There will also be a facilitated Facebook group for students to share experiences during the course.All bookings must be made via the Flow Tunbridge Wells website with payment made online: £128.00 for the full course, including all materials, recorded guided meditations and a closed Facebook group for on going support.10 Oct - Week One: What is Mindfulness? Waking up to Automatic Pilot17 Oct - Week Two: Gathering the Scattered Mind24 Oct - HALF TERM – No Class31 Oct - Week Three: Stress and our Reactivity to Stress7 Nov - Week Four: Mindfulness of Experiences14 Nov - Week Five: Mindfulness of Thoughts21 Nov - Week Six: Mindfulness of Emotions28 Nov - Week Seven: Cultivating Compassion5 Dec - Week Eight: A Mindful LifeThis group is suitable for both those new to meditation and experienced practitioners who are interested in exploring specific mindfulness practices. If you are an experienced yogi, you may find the approach to be different to those you have used before. For those who are new to meditation, full guidance and support is provided both in the studio and at home.Although mindfulness can help with managing stress, anxiety and depression, there are some conditions that are not suited to the practices. This course is therefore not suitable for those suffering from severe depression and anxiety, PTSD, or psychosis, or who have experienced recent bereavement or a traumatic event. If you are unsure please contact us or speak to your medical practitioner before signing up.This course will be run by me, Lucy Lucas. I’m an Anusara based hatha yoga teacher who incorporates mindfulness into all my classes. I came to yoga and meditation after back surgery, to cope with my old life in banking and consulting in London, and also to manage my on-going episodes of depression. I'm passionate about the process of waking up, of encouraging students (and myself!) to develop kindliness and curiosity about all aspects of themselves on and off the mat. I've been studying meditation and mindfulness for 8 years under Angus Ford Robertson and Carlos Pomeda. I completed my Level One Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher training with the Mindful Academy who support and supervise all my individual and group based mindfulness courses