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NEW: Mindfulness and Stress Free Living

power-of-nowEvery Monday 1230-2pm, from 9th January @ Flow Tunbridge Wells

I am so excited to be leading these sessions! I started my meditation and mindfulness practice seven years ago at such a group. From this weekly practice, I have experienced such an incredible personal journey: increased awareness, developing consciousness, more compassion and connection, discovering who I really am (plus, of course, a huge career and life change!). I can't promise the same to all who attend, but hopefully you will leave with greater insights to life and improved wellbeing.
These drop in mindfulness sessions are designed to help students go deeper into their mindfulness meditation practice, as a natural progression from the 8 Week Course. Please note that ANYONE can drop-in to these classes at any time. These classes are for everyone – from beginners to experienced practitioners. They are designed for anyone who wishes to let go of habitual stress through a combination of mindfulness, self-inquiry and group discussion.
A typical class might look like this:
  • Arrive: aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class begins 
  • Check-in: Once settled, we begin (on a cushion or chair) the session with a short meditation and group ‘check-in’
  • Guided Meditation: The core of the class is a guided meditation lasting around 20-30 minutes (the guided Meditation/technique is different each week)
  • Discussion: we will be using 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle as our reading for the first couple of months. It is not necessary to buy and read the book, although if you plan to attend regularly, then it is recommended.

You must reserve your spot each week through the Flow Tunbridge Wells booking system. If you have any questions please contact me on 07796 697 574 /