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NEW: Online Mindfulness Course

Whenever I hold a new mindfulness course in Tunbridge Wells, I get a lot of questions asking about an online version. So here it is!This is an online programme that will run  for 4 weeks, from 5th - 30th June. It is facilitated by me, which means you don't just download materials and plod through them on your own. I will be with you the whole way, available to answer any questions or concerns that arise.  There will be interaction available through a private Facebook group for those who want it.What is Mindfulness?Mindfulness is a proven technique to help increase self-awareness, manage stress and improve wellbeing. It does this by bringing us into the present moment of our felt experience, using the breath and body to explore what is actually going on for us right now. In this way, we are better able to practice turning towards our experiences and ourselves with kindness and curiosity. We can then consider the kinds of actions and steps we can take, if any, that will help with the situations we find ourselves in.What do we cover?We will learn the core mindfulness meditation practices, as well as practice inquiry into our experiences. There will also be some teaching around the theory and neuroscience behind how mindfulness is believed to work. Each week will comprise meditation practices, inquiry and discussion. Home practice is a key component of mindfulness, and students will be provided with guided meditations to use at home.How will it work?

  • Over 4 weeks, from 5th -30th June
  • 2 meditation practices per week, available to stream and download, which you get to keep
  • Daily home practice using the meditation recordings
  • 2 lots of readings per week to cover the main concepts
  • Lots of mini videos (5-10 mins) from me where I talk through the neuroscience and background behind Mindfulness and share some of my own experiences
  • Each person gets an online 45 minute 1-2-1 session with me to discuss their meditations and experience
  • Private Facebook group to share experiences
  • I'll be available on email all the time through the course for questions
  • We'll be covering the same curriculum as the 8 week in person course, so you don't miss out on content - although you don't get the benefits of the in person group sessions
  • Ideally you will have at least 30 minutes a day available to spend on this course. This is to practice the meditations, read any materials and feedback on your experiences. The more you can put into the course, the more you will get out.

How much?The cost is £40 per person which includes

  • all meditation recordings
  • all reading materials
  • a 45 minute online session with me (worth £60!)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Book before 12th May to get 20% off!More info? Contact me: or 07796 697 574What have others said about learning Mindfulness with me?“It’s been an excellent way to understand the whys and hows surrounding meditation”“If you want to introduce mindfulness in to your life this is a great course. Lucy provides a good balance of theory and practice and I have found it invaluable in how I now look at life and respond to situations”“Your course and meditations have facilitated kindness to be such a part of our family life, in so many gentle ways, and we are all the more connected for it”