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Review: Core Vitality

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing some of the wellbeing services I use in Tunbridge Wells. I use all of the of the services on a regular basis. These are all based on my personal experiences and the situation that I’m in. If you’re wondering if any of them are suitable for you, the best thing is to contact the practitioner being reviewed for a personal consultation.First up is Core VitalityWhat it isCore Vitality is run by Leslie Morley, a Naturopath and Acupuncturist in Tunbridge Wells. Her naturopathic approach to health and well-being is a transformative and empowering process for people who want to create a more balanced and vigorous way of living for themselves.At the heart of this process lies the principle of the vis medicatrix naturae - the healing power of nature - and the belief that good health is the result of a harmonious relationship between the body and its environment.Clients are guided through the process by qualified naturopath & acupuncturist Leslie Morley at her clinic in Tunbridge Wells. Leslie uses a combination of naturopathic and Chinese treatment modalities to promote optimal health for mind and body, offering a range of therapies including acupuncture, dietary therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage and hydrotherapy.Why I wentI initially went due to terrible migraines which I have always treated with acupuncture. My migraines are caused by tightness in the shoulders and neck, constricting blood supply to the head. But now, I find myself going to Leslie whenever I feel out of sorts – rather than going to my GP! For example, a couple of months ago, I went when I was feeling really exhausted and run down, for no obvious reason.LocationLeslie is based out of her home in High Brooms. She has a lovely treatment room in a cool, quiet basement, away from the house and street noise. There is lots of room plus a loo. Parking is on street and easy to find.TreatmentIn all my consultations, we start with a chat where I explain my symptoms and what’s going on for me. Lesley then takes my pulse and examines my tongue, all of which give her a sign as to what might be occurring in my system, according to Chinese medicine. There is then usually a gentle clothed massage, which is designed to open the energy channels. In Chinese medicine, problems in the body such as illness and dis-ease, is due to blockages in our energy. The different techniques are designed to open these channels and get energy moving. The different channels, or meridians, have certain properties. I have on going blockages in my 5 & 6 channels – liver and gall bladder.  Both of these are emotionally related to anger, resentment and depression; give rise to heat in the body; and can result in headaches.For the acupuncture, Leslie works out which area and channel she is going to treat, and then you life down and the needles are inserted. The needles are very thin and you rarely even feel them, let alone experience any pain. If a muscle is very tight, it might ache a bit, but that is the needle doing it’s job. Then there is a lovely relaxing period under a heat lamp whilst the treatment gets to work. The whole process can take up to 90 minutes.When I was feeling lethargic and run down, I was treated in the same way, but Leslie advised that I might be deficient in some ways, for example iron or B12. She suggested visiting the GP and getting tested, which I did. Turns out I was low in iron, which apparently is very common in women who exercise a lot. I’ve been taking an iron supplement since then and my energy levels are back to normal.Leslie may also offer advice on certain foods to include or avoid, which is all part of the natural based treatment. She will also follow up via email with any detailed guidance.PractitionerLeslie has a wonderful calm manner, and is easy to talk to. She’s very warm, and also has a professional aspect which is comforting. You find yourself really opening up about what is going for you, and she never hurries you. She studied at the University of Westminster and also acts as a supervisor now for students completing her degree programme.Results and experienceI would like to say that I come out of each session floating. Truth is, whilst I might be really relaxed, sometimes I can feel very emotional. This treatment works on releasing blockages, so sometimes, you can experience things that may have been stuck for a while. But I also know that this means the treatment has done it’s job. This kind of work is not a ‘relaxation’ that you might get at a spa. It is designed to help  you heal, and sometimes that might not always be comfortable. The treatment does make my migraines and subsequent migraine ‘hangover’ feel a lot better, and Leslie’s advice about having some kind of deficiency was on the money. Whatever my immediate experience, I ALWAYS sleep really well that night, and usually want to go to bed early after a bath.Find out more or contact Lesley on 07817 006 620