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Safe and Secure

It's an evolutionary instinct to feel safe. In fact, staying close to our mothers and our tribes is one of the reasons why we've survived so long. You can see this instinct in our children - how they stay near mum and dad so they feel safe before venturing out to make new friends and try out new things. If we don't feel like we have a safe, secure and grounded base, we can't develop, grow and meet challenges. It's why having a stable and secure home life is important for a human's development. It's why governments (used to!) invest in programmes such as Sure Start and No Child Left Behind.

Yoga has long known about this instinct and has several ways of helping us create that feeling of safety and security for ourselves, long after our parents are not around everyday. Being able to ground yourself and find a safe space inside is crucial for our wellbeing. In addition, yoga uses various poses to show just how a stable, grounded base is needed in order to try out new postures, some of which might be challenging or difficult.