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Spring and Summer Workshops

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Sunday May 22nd, 2-4pm – Yoga Off the MatIf you're interested in learning more about how we can apply ideas from yoga in everyday life, then this workshop is for you. Did you know that hundreds of years before we had poses or asanas, yoga was designed as a system or technology to help navigate real life and learn how to come closer to our real selves? Today, more than ever, yoga has many practical lessons we can learn on the mat - and then take away with us to keep re-using. Ideas such as learning to manage discomfort, how to create space between what presses our buttons and how we choose to respond, how to regulate stress - to how to come closer to our real emotions, intuition and our true selves.The workshop will use physical poses or asanas, some pranayama, meditation, as well as short explanations of key concepts.Come and explore some of the several thousand years old ideas that yoga has that are as applicable off the mat in 2016 as they were 2000 years ago.£17.50 Pure Gym Members / £25 Non MembersPure Gym, Tunbridge WellsSunday 19th June, 10am - Midday  – Yoga Basics for Beginners If you are new to yoga, or find you don't have enough time to absorb all the cues and instructions in a regular class, or would like to move into a more dynamic class but are worried about not knowing enough about alignment - then this workshop is for you.After a gentle warm up, we'll be breaking down some key poses such as Downward Facing Dog, the Warriors, Plank and some sitting poses - plus the main sun saluation sequence. We will work in pairs or groups maybe with photos (!) to review our alignment - and I am looking at providing a short leaflet with the main points for you to take away. As usual, the class will finish with a lovely meditation and relaxation.£25 per personPresent Health, Goods Station Road, Tunbridge WellsSunday 24th July 2-4pm – Mindful Yoga I’m excited to be running my Mindful Yoga workshop again in July - for those who want a repeat or who missed it last time. In this session we will be exploring mindfulness meditation techniques, improving awareness, deepening our yoga practice, and looking at how to use the breath more effectively in our practice and in life. You will come away feeling more energised and relaxed with some techniques you can use at home and work.£25 per person (discount is not available on this workshop as it is being promoted by Present Health. All bookings will be via their website)Present Health, Goods Station Road, Tunbridge Wells