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The Human Mountain

LUCYyoga-441_optIt's skiing holiday time so lots of pictures of mountains about. I am not skiing, hence no cool photos. But I did decide what better time to examine Mountain Pose - Tadasana.Tadasana is the base from which other poses emerge. Most of the standing poses are movements of certain body parts away from Tadasana, whilst others remain neutral. Tadasana also teaches us how to ground the feet and find alignment whilst standing, and then from here we can take those principles into more complex poses.

More than just alignment, however, Tadasana allows us to be still and secure. With feet grounded, and the body aligned, the breath can start to flow freely. This stability and breath awareness starts to bring us into stillness. In our modern world, where even 'relaxation' is just more stimulation, we find it harder and harder to just Be.Standing in mountain pose for a few minutes focusing on the breath could well be very difficult for many people. You may feel wobbly especially with the eyes closed; all kinds of thoughts and emotions may start to bubble up; you might feel bored and irritated. And yet the longer we stay there, the calmer we feel, the more grounded and connected to the earth we become. We stop doing and start being.As my teacher Bridget Woods Kramer once said, a whole class on Tadasana could well have crying tears of boredom, but don't worry, we won't only be doing Tadasana! :-)