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The Intellectual Mind

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This week we're looking at our intellectual brain, the mind.I almost didn't want to go here as I believe we are already too much in our heads already, and that we all think way too much.There are some who believe that thinking is the root of all evil, that the mind is the seat of our ego: that all fear, anger, hatred, pain, superiority and so on is mind created. That our work is to move away from thinking into feeling.

And I agree. Thinking which has not been met with inquiry, as Byron Katie would say, is often profoundly unhelpful. When we believe our thoughts, all kinds of problems can happen. Thoughts are not facts and don't have to be believed. Just questioning your thinking can bring about huge freedom.But our minds are here for a reason, and better to work with the intellect and to enhance it, than to dismiss it out of hand. My yoga philosophy teacher Carlos Pomeda would encourage us trainee teachers to become MORE not less discriminatory.Use your intellect, examine your beliefs, challenge your opinions. Investigate 'facts'. Discover what works for you. In our modern world off too much data, alternative facts and political echo chambers, the art of discourse and intellectual enquiry is dying. All the more reason to keep critical thinking and intellectual curiosity alive in us all.