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The Light of Awareness

DSC_9619 Merge (2)This past weekend has brought up many, many uncomfortable things into our awareness. The behaviour of politicians, the beliefs and opinions of others, it can seem as if we are descending into the darkness. Maybe, however, the darkness was always there and what our current situation is doing is shining more and more light on it. It is far from pleasant, but I do think that maybe we need the likes of our current politicians to really show us what is going on. The fear and hatred of others unlike ourselves, the desire to puff ourselves up and believe we're right, the greed and hoarding, the self serving. These are all things that we ALL do. It is incredibly painful when we see it happening so obviously and on such a large scale - but this is the collective human ego now seriously out of control.

I often talk in meditation about our attention or awareness being like a beam from a headlamp, or a laser. It is a way of helping students focus their attention or to widen their field of awareness.But more than this, awareness is light. As we pay more attention to ourselves, our feelings, our behaviour, our reactions, more and more starts to come out of the shadows. Sometimes shining the light in a dark corner of our unconsciousness can bring up some uncomfortable things - but that's OK. It is then our work to process these feelings or thoughts so they can then be let go.When difficult or painful things come under light, then healing begins. Healing is not always pleasant. Although there are great divisions amongst us, maybe now it is with this light of awareness that all is NOT OK for many people, that we can start to do the work to make it better.Bringing things into your awareness is a process, and not always pleasant. It can be quick, but sometimes it takes a long time. Perhaps a lifetime. But really, every time we sit on the cushion or the mat, we are bringing awareness to ourselves. This is the work of yoga and meditation