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The Three Brains

Photo 05-05-2017, 11 21 06In my meditation teacher training course with Alexander Filmer-Lorch at Flow Tunbridge Wells, we've been looking at how we have more than one brain. We all know our head brain, the seat of the mind and the intellect - but we also have two more. One is in the heart, and is the home of our emotional brain; and the other is in the gut, and this is where our instinctive and movement brain lives. It's interesting that the more research that is done into our guts, the more we are understanding that our gut is a second brain, and that is not only receives messages from our head brain, but that it also sends messages to our minds. I'm a bit of a science geek and I love it when science supports what the ancient traditions and modern philosophy state. This is my definition of cool!

So three brains is cool, but why is it important? On our course, we've also been learning about how all the traditions and philosophies are really systems for bringing us into balance. We are all far, far too much in our heads most of the time, living out stories and beliefs that may or may not be true. We can be very disconnected from our bodies and our instinctive/movement brains, as well our hearts and emotions.As individuals, we also have our own patterns which favour a particular brain. I am a real 'head' person, an intellectual, a jnana yogi. I love discussing big ideas, triangulating information and data and telling stories. My asana, or posture, practice, plus my workouts in the gym, healthy eating, avoiding alcohol, and my walks in nature, are all a part of me getting back in contact with my body, and my movement and instinctual brain. What I'm working on now, in my own therapy and personal development, is connecting to my heart and my emotions.As we're all different, you may find that you are a more physical person, or a more heart centered emotional person. Part of our yoga and meditation practice is to start to become more balanced. As we balance the brains, they start to work together to their most full capacity and potential, and we start to operate from a higher intelligence.When it comes to desire and fulfillment, the more in balance we are and the more we are able to listen to all our brains, the better able we are to discover our deepest desires. The better able we are to uncover any patterns of resistance that may prevent us from realising these desires. The better able we are to summon the power and energy that is required to achieve these desires.Now that is cool!