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Turning off Social Media

In the past couple of months, I've developed a new pattern. I turn my phone, computer and TV off at least an hour before I plan to go to bed. I have a bedtime routine involving a bath or shower, journaling, meditation, maybe some restorative yoga poses. And these are all done with the phone switched off.I don't switch the phone back on until I am up, have showered and completed my morning yoga practice.I feel better for it - but I notice myself getting twitchy about wanting to see what's been happening on social media; if I have any new messages from friends or family; any new emails. Just watching myself walk over to my phone, the fingers hovering over the 'turn off airplane mode' button..... I have to physically stop myself!

This is a great article on giving up social media and our need to be "connected" all the time. I'd argue that this isn't connection at all, but that's a blog post for a different day!