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Western Medicine - more yoga?

In my Applied Anatomy course that I'm taking at Flow Tunbridge Wells, we've been talking about the Bio-Psycho-Social model of chronic pain. How, after 3 months of treatment, it probably isn't a specific muscular or physiological issue; more that there is something going on your life or lifestyle that needs to be changed before the pain can be managed effectively. Not an easy message to give!The ancient yogis knew this. This is why the system and technology of yoga has worked over thousands of years. It isn't about getting your foot behind your head, or doing a headstand. Yoga is about understanding yourself and creating a life that supports and serves you.

Fortunately, the NHS is starting to see this, with some NHS Trusts prescribing yoga and mindfulness as treatments (of course, the fact that these are cheaper than pharmaceuticals is not without interest either!).This article explores more of this: