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When we don't feel OK - it's OK

A big thing in mindfulness and yoga is understanding that it's OK not to feel OK.We are not going to feel great all the time. There are a lot of messages out there about happiness and positivity, and sometimes it seems as though this is something we should be feeling, or that it is something to strive for.Instead, embrace not feeling OK. Not feeling OK is a sign that you need to look at what's going on for you. Not feeling OK is a signal that you need to give yourself some real TLC.

Often when we don't feel OK, we can beat ourselves up about it, or lament that we feel down when we have a lot to do and just want to curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea,I say - ditch the To Do List and, as best you can, find time to curl up under that blanket. Show yourself some kindness and love. Perhaps after a cup of hot tea, maybe a stroll in the park. Eat some delicious nutritious food. Nurture yourself.This article has some other good ideas on what to do when you don't feel OK

Continuing with the idea of Not Being OK, there are several things which can hinder us from feeling alright.Many of these are in the mind, and actually have very little to do with our external circumstances. In fact, often outside life can be going perfectly well, but we still feel 'not-OK'Yoga and mindfulness are about building awareness of ourselves so we can start to notice what is really going on for us - so we can then make changes if we are able to.

We can start by noticing the traps that the mind likes to lure us into, especially if we have a tendency to automatic negative thinking patterns. If we're not feeling OK, we may be even more susceptible to these traps.This article shows the main mind traps to start to build awareness of as we manage our feelings