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Wide Open Hearts

Photo 26-03-2017, 12 22 26_optLast week was pretty terrible for me on a personal level for many reasons, including one big one. But in going through this darkness, I have been allowed to set an intention to move towards an opportunity, to go and grab something even if it might turn out to be out of reach. To speak my truth with renewed light and vigour - regardless of the outcome.Spring is such a time for renewal, turning towards the new and opening towards possibilities. As the flowers and blossoms make their way into the world, it reminds us of our cycle of death and re-birth. In dying back, and retreating, we create space for new blooms and opportunities. Sometimes this is sudden, as when blossoms come out seemingly overnight. And at other times it is slow progress.

Acting like these flowers, as we painfully push our way out of the darkness and allow light in, means opening ourselves to the elements and trusting that when we open, all will be OK - that we will have everything we need to sustain and support us.