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World Mental Health Day

mental-healthIt was World Mental Health Day yesterday. One in four of us will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in our lives.For those of us who live with, work with and love those with mental health problems it can be scary, frustrating and deeply uncomfortable. We often try to help others feel better so that WE don't have to feel uncomfortable. It isn't really about the person suffering, it's actually about us, and our emotional discomfort.This is why, we often come out with unhelpful statements, which we think are motivating, but are actually deeply unhelpful and often unkind towards those with mental illness. From the company that requires a 'positive' attitude' from all it's employees (trust me, nothing is more likely to make a depressive feel worse than being told they can 'choose' to be positive); to well meaning friends saying 'don't worry, be happy' to someone with anxiety; or even asking someone to be kind to themselves, when they actually don't feel they deserve it.

This is a great article and series of cartoons from Robot Hugs about what would it be like if we treated physical illness, the way we do mental health issues.